educ (38)It is complicated in Guatemala. For many children, public education ends at grade six and the quality of education in indigenous areas can be notoriously poor.

Sadly, some families are serious about supporting their children in continued education but are unable to provide them the opportunity because they do not have the financial means to do so. As a result, many children are left with few alternatives except to earn a subsistent living through manual labor.

Additionally, the Guatemalan education system floods the market with graduating students armed with similar certificates. Consequently, job prospects are difficult to find for new graduates. To make matters worse, graduates from villages typically have less employment contacts than their counterparts in larger towns or cities.

PILAS provides effective educational support services (grades 7+) to qualifying students from any of the nine villages of Sumpango. The goal is to develop a student’s academic and problem solving skills as well as expand on each student’s natural giftedness, interests, and talents.

The optimal development of each student is the responsibility of many. We are dedicated to working cooperatively with students, families, school partners, local churches, businesses and communities.

PILAS assists each student with career path planning, practical experiences, English training and work placements.

The goal is to graduate responsible citizens, equipped to initiate personal and social change.

Comments from a private college teacher in Sumpango Guatemala
about the benefits and impact PILAS is having.

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